Feb. 1st, 2010

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Hello, all! I’m excited to find a community that speaks to my favorite aspect of role-playing – collaborative writing.

I started out on a small message board RP headed by excellent writers, got utterly spoiled, and never found another place that felt comfortable. Although I still talk – and occasionally write – with my two main partners from there, the last year has been dire on the RP front due to their lack of free time and my intense focus on finishing a novel. Now the novel is in the boring proofreading stage, and I’m nostalgic for the sort of immediate creative excitement that goes with RPing.

While mainly I’m interested in incorporating folklore and myth into fiction, character-driven plots, and writing for writing’s sake, I will get all idealistic and frothy about the great benefits of cooperative writing – which is why I keep making forays into RP, only to drop out because my basic narrative kinks (nonromantic relationships, neuroatypical minds, and mortality, among others) don’t seem very common in the community.

I’m rather curious, actually – what is it that drew you to RP, and what keeps you coming back?

(And if I’ve said anything interesting, do feel free to message me; although I’m a hesitant conversationalist, I really will be happy to talk.)


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