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Oct. 23rd, 2009 10:59 pm
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I suppose I'll do a short analysis of Rykan, which likely won't make sense especially to anyone who knows anything about psychology, but I amuse myself. :D

Rykan has taken many forms in my roleplays over the years -- a demon, a homunculus, a brainwashed orphan, a were-bear and an original take on a gargoyle -- but his personality has always been the same: a scowly growly pissed-off violent bastard who is fond of making enemies and who won't let on just how deep his conscience and his insecurities run.

"Get the fuck outta my way, Horse Shit, before I shove yer eyeballs down yer throat!"

The first thing one learns upon meeting Rykan is that he's impossible to get along with. He'll spout death threats at the drop of a dime, pitch insults a mile a minute and still have energy left to pick a fight. He'll go out of his way to make a scene out of even the smallest of flaws in others, but will stomp and roar when anyone points out his own.

The second is that Rykan, for all his snarling and growling, is rather harmless.

He depends on his hideously deformed face, his sharp teeth and his imposing posture to intimidate everyone around him. Strangers don't meet his eyes and give him a wide berth, or they puff out their chests and challenge him defiantly, or they heckle him from a distance. If it were up to Rykan, everyone he ever met would fear him or challenge him: he wants to be infamous, to go down in legend as the demon that destroyed all that was good.

But all of it is pure intimidation. Rykan's goal isn't to actually kill or even fight anyone: it's to instill fear in people so they might run away and tell all their friends about how they narrowly escaped from the frightening beast. If you want a more psychological answer, he scares people away simply because he's afraid to let them get close enough to see that he is as human as they are.

"Walk ahead! Like hell I'm turning my back on you."

Rykan doesn't trust anyone with anything -- even himself. This probably stems from the fact that he feels personally responsible for all the horrors that have befallen all the people he had ever been close to. He might describe himself as a curse upon everyone he meets. Ironically, he feels he's been betrayed just as much as he's done the betraying, so it all turns around and causes trust as a concept to become confused and almost nonexistent in his mind.

"If I'd let you die back there I'd have to listen to your sister crying like a dying cat for the next month."

In a sort of penance for the wrongs he believes he has caused, Rykan will go out of his way to help people in need -- as long as he can go about it without taking credit for it. The more people he scares or pisses off in the process, the better.

That's about it, in a nutshell. :D
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