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I apologise in advance for making this post so wordy!

Okay, so my fiancée and I are currently plotting out an RP-verse that we'll be making a community on dreamwidth for in the near future. I wanted some input from other roleplayers though, as I'm a little stuck with a certain aspect of it.

The entire point of the plot, initially, was to get a scenario that would give otherwise normal people a 'change'/'powers' and we've elected to go with the timeless trope of Radiation. Now since I didn't want to gloss over that fact too much, I actually did a lot of research into nuclear power plants, how they work and what can go wrong, and I have a fairly detailed idea in my head about how a plant will go about causing the mutations (with a good deal of suspension of belief still, but that goes without saying in something that includes sci-fi elements).

How much of that should I bother explaining in the 'prologue'/explanation of the RP? I want it to be clear that this roleplay should have a foot in the door of reality at all times despite the fantastical idea of people gaining powers via radiation, but I also don't want it to be terribly boring. What level of explanation do you like to see from roleplays?

The second issue is politics: since the blast radius will be contained, a good deal of the plot looks like it may revolve around the fact that the outside world quaratines those who have 'changed' and will go through the usual turmoil of 'Should we help them?' versus 'This is terrible, they need to be destroyed!' etc. I don't want it to completely overshadow the roleplay of the characters "inside" the quarantined area, but again, I'm looking to keep some semblance of realism. I was thinking of posting weekly or bi-weekly a fake 'news article' giving a summation of any changes in their public relations with the outside (will there be food drops over the area to help them, will armed guards now be posted around the area they can't go past, and so on).

Would that be useful to you in a roleplay, or would you join a roleplay with mutations and a post-apocalyptic setting (because to the people inside the blast radius, the world is now akin to that) more for just having fun with powers and not care for an over-arching storyline?

Okay, anyone who read that: thank you. Sorry that this comm's first post in nine weeks is so damn long. xD I'm really curious on feedback from other roleplayers/collaborative writers, though!

Date: 2011-11-17 07:19 pm (UTC)
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If I were playing this game, I wouldn't mind having a good solid source of background information. So long as it was written out in a way that didn't make it necessary to plod through great blocks of text to find out a particular little thing about the world. And the news entries from outside are a good idea. Just to give it flavor.

I ran a game set inside a blockade once that used similar techniques. Information about what led up to the blockade, what kinds of people were likely still within it, and then continuing news from "outside" while people did their thing.


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