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It is the year 2005, and the Master, as Harold Saxon, has first taken over Great Britain, and then from there the Planet Earth. But there is one thing he has not realized. The Paradox which he created in order to take over has done damage to the walls between Time, Space, and other universes that he had never accounted for. Damage which is making them blur and blend.

These wanderers arrive in a strange new world, uncertain, untried, many of them needing to learn the language, and to find friends that can help them survive in an environment where even the freest are not free. Slave camps are common place, and death is an every day occurrence, though if you catch the Leader on a good day even that is not permanent. At a price.

Out of Time is a Doctor Who based pan fandom forum role play where just about anything you can imagine could happen, all it takes is a bit of cooperation and imagination. Romance, political intrigue, odd relationships, friendships between characters you would never dream of, all of it in a very fascinating and fun mix of just about any world you could imagine.

Het, yaoi, and yuri are not only allowed, but encouraged, and NC-17 material as well. This is a dark and gritty landscape, and such things are to be expected in such a place. The only thing that is asked is respect for your fellow players in all aspects of play.

contact screamersgirl30 on AIM for more info.

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