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So while waiting for posts to a 1-on-1, I think I'll work on writing openers and entrances of some characters I'm working on and post them to my dw. Not a complete waste of time, I guess. There are characters that are in my head but I'm not yet willing to commit them to a game.

What do you do between roleplays? How do you satiate the craving when it hits? Where do you go to find people to RP with?

And does anyone want to RP? :D

RP Theory

Oct. 25th, 2009 01:35 am
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Given the sorts of ideas I've seen around this comm already, I'd like to open a discussion on RP Theory.

on methods and moderation )

That's just my opinion though, and that's only out of the methods I've tried. Have you had any luck in alternative RP methods? What's your RP theory?
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Hi folks! I'm not sure about you, but I love filling out memes and questionnaires for my characters, and I just hit the jackpot, literally! The only problem is that these questionnaires are on livejournal... and that the community they come from is as quiet as the grave. However, the questions are memory'd and open to the public, so if you'd like to write for your character for days and days and days, here you go!

out_lines questionnaire memories

As for RP ideas in the community, I have been chewing on the idea of making a series of short, guided games, sort of like one-on-ones, where the poster is the mod of the session, and other members (even community moms!) can participate as players. The mod would set up the location for players to reply to, and depending on what the characters are like in that location and situation, different little stories can unfold. The job of the mod is to toss in events that jive with the character (and player)'s interests. The player's job is to interact with the scenery and prompts however their character would in order to both keep the story going and take it in new directions. Players wouldn't reply to one another, just to the mod, so that in each thread, one can read a smooth progression of events. Likewise the mod wouldn't be posting for their own character, necessarily, so much as setting the mood and background and whatever events need to happen to keep things rolling.

It's a pretty monumental project if it's going to be a long-running thing, but I thought that doing several of these over short(ish!) periods of time, where different people can make a first post to become mods (or GM's or ST's or whatever you'd like to call 'em!) would create an interesting way to roleplay within the community and get to know one another a little better!

What do you guys think? Any suggestions or ideas for such a thing?
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I'm just wondering... what are some of the things that you do as players or creators to make characters who are really not all that nice, or bubbly, or 'good' in general more likable?

I'm revamping a comic story for myself and three of the four main characters are pretty darned reprehensible for one reason or another. One's a megalomaniac/trickster who's a little too smarmy for his own good. Another's a straight-up fire starter who's a little unhinged. The third is just... god. Obsessive and neurotic and holds a grudge. The last one is pretty normal, but has had a really bad run of luck in terms of romance.

Looking at them, they really don't smack of enjoyable reading, they're more like a trainwreck waiting to happen. In any case, I know that this isn't necessarily for RP, though I do take 'em and clone them and try to play them once in a while. XD I'm just wondering... do you have any characters who are largely just 'ugh', and what do you do to make them more enjoyable to read about and interact with when you're writing for them?


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