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Hello, all! I’m excited to find a community that speaks to my favorite aspect of role-playing – collaborative writing.

I started out on a small message board RP headed by excellent writers, got utterly spoiled, and never found another place that felt comfortable. Although I still talk – and occasionally write – with my two main partners from there, the last year has been dire on the RP front due to their lack of free time and my intense focus on finishing a novel. Now the novel is in the boring proofreading stage, and I’m nostalgic for the sort of immediate creative excitement that goes with RPing.

While mainly I’m interested in incorporating folklore and myth into fiction, character-driven plots, and writing for writing’s sake, I will get all idealistic and frothy about the great benefits of cooperative writing – which is why I keep making forays into RP, only to drop out because my basic narrative kinks (nonromantic relationships, neuroatypical minds, and mortality, among others) don’t seem very common in the community.

I’m rather curious, actually – what is it that drew you to RP, and what keeps you coming back?

(And if I’ve said anything interesting, do feel free to message me; although I’m a hesitant conversationalist, I really will be happy to talk.)

Hallo all!

Oct. 24th, 2009 07:31 pm
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I just realized I forgot to do an introduction, so let me get that out of the way.

I'm Rachel. :)

I was a founding member of a massive Wheel of Time roleplay and loved it there. I was there for.. Shit, something like 5 years, before my disabilities kept me from keeping up.

I've never quite found a roleplay quite like that place. I've dabbled here and there, but that's it. Really, it was more of a collaborative novel than anything else. I would love to get back to writing like that, instead of what roleplaying tends to be nowadays. I loved the expansive plotlines and the ever-evolving world. Really, nothing I've seen gives me the same feeling. Or, worse, if I do feel there's a possibility, things devolve into very limiting cliques. If you aren't one of the "popular" characters, you miss out on almost all of the massive plots. Honestly, that's really quite depressing, because I find that, a lot of times, the characters with smaller roles can end up contributing a lot to the fabric of the story. (If that makes sense.)

Anyway, you'll probably see Sophie around here most, and maybe other characters of mine.

My main writing journal is [personal profile] pens_and_roses, and you're more than welcome to friend it. It's friend's only, but I friend anyone who friends it. You're also welcome to friend this journal, which is my main. :)

Anyways.. That's about it for me! Now I'm going to go catch up on posts. XD


Oct. 16th, 2009 12:00 pm
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Truthfully (it is said that people are more truthful on the internet than anywhere else), I am not sure why I am here or even if I would fit in here; I just saw the promotion on my Reading Page and decided to give this thing a go…

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Hi, I'm Dray (or Terry, or any mix of those) and while I don't RP nearly as much as I used to, I still itch for it once in a while.

Rambling about roleplay history )


Oct. 13th, 2009 11:55 am
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Hello, I am Alexandria and you can find the rest of my introduction here!
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Hullo! My name is Jennifer (or any derivative thereof) and I roleplay to write. Or, I write when I roleplay. Something like that.

a short history of my roleplaying obsession )

I hope Storytellers will be a place to find other people who love not only to roleplay, but to immerse themselves in the stories and characters -- who love surprises and who love to follow as well as to lead. I hope your characters find friends and enemies and destinies you never would've thought possible for them. I hope you tell us all about it.


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