Prompt #1

Oct. 23rd, 2009 10:59 pm
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I suppose I'll do a short analysis of Rykan, which likely won't make sense especially to anyone who knows anything about psychology, but I amuse myself. :D

cut for length and a potty mouth character )

That's about it, in a nutshell. :D

Prompt #1

Oct. 19th, 2009 07:53 am
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((More rambling than actual RP, for this one! >_> I'm still having trouble thinking of how to turn prompts into actual threads or games. X3 Maybe this is more of a showcase for potential plot-stuff or writing abilities? In any case, I was thinking 'big debut' and decided to write a blurb alluding up to the big breakout instead of the even itself.))

When she entered the courtroom, she couldn't help but feel the glares bombard her from everybody in the room. Jolene ducked her head towards her chest, but even then the vibrant orange of her jumpsuit stung at her vision. She closed her eyes.

The large hand at her scrawny elbow tugged at her, and the woman stumbled forward. Even with her eyes closed and her head ducked down, she was unable to escape the overbearing knowledge that this time, she was in it deep. The weight of shackles on her wrists and ankles, digging uncomfortably into her bony skin, kept her in the here and now, and soon Jolene found herself at the front of the courtroom, facing the monolith of the judge's platform.

She glanced over to the witness box and cringed away at the glares leveled on her from that direction. Scowling monstrously at the drab tiles of the floor, herself, it took her mind a minute to process anything but the hatred omnipresent in the room.

Wait a second.

Jolene did a double-take at the witness box and then quickly looked at her booted toes again, though her scowl had dissolved, replaced by confusion and even a spark of hope. A familiar face... and even a cheeky wink. How had he...?

She sat when everyone else in the room sat, the procession of the judge and everything else fading in her mind. Whatever happened, she felt light now. The shackles around ankles and wrists were cotton batting; the hatred in the room seemed far off, as though it was happening to someone else.

She knew she hadn't done it. He knew it, too. The fact that she had saved his bacon countless times and he'd always joked about wondering who would save hers when she was in trouble came flooding back to her, and Jolene had to work hard to suppress a smile. Her eyes burned but she refused to tear up. She was tough. She wasn't a criminal, but she was tough.
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Silvia Rachel White, she always had despised her own name just for how cliche villain it sounded, and it was also ironic that she was the inheritor, and CEO, of the number one arms manufacturer of Galactic Earth Alliance. A profitable monopoly, one that insured that she would always remain on top of her competitors. She always was the mastermind behind most of the most recent breakthroughs in weapons technology.

It was not a surprise then when she realized she was bored, bored of siting around being smarter then everyone else in the world. Bored of being always right when it came to busyness disitions, bored with everything because she already had everything. The sports cars, the big house, all the latest in home and extreme sport entertainment. She had done everything there was to do. What she wanted was a new life something that would challenge her to do her best rather then running a company that had no competition for the foreseeable future.

She rested lazily on her couch looking over one of those magazines that had nothing in it but gossip, she was once more on the front page. Apparently she had gained weight had a new mysterious boyfriend, and also was awaiting twins. A thin smirk crawled across her face. Well at least others could dream about her wild life.
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Option 1: Grand Entrance

For this first and introductory prompt, there are no rules: just write a post in which your character makes his or her grand entrance. The setting and premise are entirely up to you. You can even use your post as the starting-point of a new roleplay, if you like. Just mention in your post that RP replies are welcome, or simply tag your post with "roleplay".

Alternatively, or in addition:

Option 2: Tick Tock

Give us a psychological analysis of your character. Tell us where she came from, who she is and where she's going, but also tell us what events or circumstances shaped the person she is today. Feel free to elaborate!

As always, let us know if you're looking for someone (or a group) to roleplay with!


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